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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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was Sir Eobert's; and this moment the Duke of Kichmond has been here from Court to tell Sir E. that he had resigned the Mastership of the Horse, having received it from him, unasked, and that he would not keep it beyond his ministryB. This is the greater honour, as it was so unexpected, and as he had no personal friendship with the Duke.
For myself, I am quite happy to be free from all the fatigue, envy, and uncertainty of our late situation. I go everywhere; indeed, to have the stare over, and to use myself to neglect, but I meet nothing but civilities. Here have been Lord Hartington, Coke, and poor Fitzwilliam8, and others crying; here has been Lord Deskford and numbers to wish me joy; in short, it is a most extraordinary and various scene.
There are three people whom I pity much; the King, Lord Wilmington, and my own sister7 j the first, for the affront, to be forced to part with his minister, and to be forced to forgive his son; the second, as he is too old, and (even when he was young) unfit for the burthen j and the poor girl, who must be created an earl's daughter, as her birth would deprive her of the rank. She must kiss hands and bear the flirts of impertinent real quality.
I am invited to dinner to-day by Lord Straiford8, Argyll's son-in-law. You see we shall grow the fashion.
My dear child, these are the most material points: I am sensible how much you must want particulars; but you must be sensible, too, that just yet, I have not time.
5  TMs did not prove true.
6  William, Baron, and afterwards Earl, MtzwiUiara;   a   young  lord, much attached to Sir B. W.   Wai-pole.
7  Maria, natural daughter to Sir K. W. by Maria Skerret, his mistress, whom he afterwards married. She had a patent to take place as an earl's daughter.    Walpole.
8 William Wentworth. (1722-1791), second Earl of Stratford; Farmer of the Post Pines, 1746; m. (1740) Lady Anne Campbell, second daughter and co-heir of John Campbell, Duke of Argyll and Greenwich. He was an occasional correspondent of Horace Walpole, with whom, lie continued on friendly terms until his death.